Friday, October 16, 2015

Sleepover with Mia!

This week my parents were out of state, so Mia got to spend the night at my apartment.

I was worried about how Delilah would react to sharing her house with another dog.  There was some resource guarding of me, toys, food, everything when she first met Mia a couple of months ago but they've been getting along really well since then.  I'd love another dog in a couple of years so I was really hoping this would work out.

Luckily everything went well, Delilah really enjoyed having Mia in the house.  She tried to play with her.  Not only did she like having Mia around, but she was also more confident outside with another dog.  Mia loves people and tries to walk over to strangers wagging her tail.  Delilah hates strangers but she would follow Mia curiously and watch what she was doing.  She seemed more comfortable around people and loud vehicles with Mia around and seeing that Mia wasn't scared.

The Fluffy Collection reunited!  From left to right: Mia, Sophie, Delilah.
Sophie and Mia were both neutral to see each other again.  Usually Sophie really loves Mia and Mia is scared of Sophie.  But they weren't particularly interested during the visit.  Here is a video of Sophie playing with Mia a few years ago when we used to live with my parents.

I brought Mia and Delilah on a long walk to the waterfront and let them run around the dog park (which was unoccupied) before we headed back.  Mia was exhausted when we got home, it didn't seem to have any impact on Delilah's energy.  

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