Thursday, October 29, 2015

Delilah Graduated "Good Manners" Basic Obedience Class!

Last night Delilah graduated her "Good Manners" class!

She performed the three tricks we had been learning this past week.  The first one was "twirl" where she jumped and spinned.  The second was "shake," pretty self explanatory, I held my hand out and she put her paw in it.  It took a couple tries but she did it.  The last one was "drop it."  We had been practicing with her toys at home and she was getting pretty good at it.  I forgot to bring a toy to demonstrate with so they gave us a toy to use.  It was a stuffed hedgehog that made giggling noises.  She was so excited about it that she fixated on it and wanted to destroy the sound box (she loves noises).  She wouldn't drop it.  That's okay because the trainers were very understanding (and amused).  She still got to keep the toy and graduate from class.

We're still practicing what we've learned- "set up," "touch," "come," "down-stay," "drop it," "shake," "twirl," and "place."

After class the trainers all told us we should do agility!  And recommended that I read "Control Unleashed."  It looks good, I'll have to check it out.

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