Friday, October 23, 2015

Past Week's Training Update

I've been preoccupied with Delilah getting sick so I haven't really posted much about training.  Here are a few updates:

Class 10/14

Sam and I went to class with Delilah- we learned the left side sit ("setup"), sit-stay, and down-stay.  This wasn't a good class.  Delilah yapped almost the entire time- either she was yapping and I couldn't hear the instructions or I was trying to work with her to be quiet and I missed them.  I have pretty bad social anxiety and I was getting anxious about her drawing attention to us.  We were learning the left side sit and I was to the edge of the room where I felt most comfortable and one of the trainers told us to move more towards the center so we'd have more room.  At that point I had an anxiety attack and started crying and Sam had to work with Delilah for the rest of the class.  I was really ashamed of myself.  If I can't handle a simple class how am I ever going to be able to do agility with Delilah?

Class 10/21

This class went much better- we had been practicing the "setup" and stays and we were doing pretty well.   Delilah got complimented during the class that she was doing it perfectly.  The only this is towards the end she started getting bored/distracted and breaking the stay.  In the beginning she was doing it perfectly though.  Our homework for next week is to teach Delilah three new tricks.  I taught her "twirl" yesterday and now I have to think of two more!

Training 10/22

I taught Delilah twirl, we practiced sit-stays and down-stays.  I also took her on a two hour hike and she was off leash for some of the time- her recall's getting really good but there are still times when her prey drive takes over and prevents her from listening.  I have pictures from the hike that I'll share in a new post!

Training 10/23

Sam's friend stayed over last night and this morning I took Delilah out to "meet" him.  She's REALLY BAD with people in the house- she yaps, snarls, and darts in as if to nip them.  I had her on the other side of the room on a lead and played the Look At That game with her.  Whenever she looked at him quietly she got a click and a treat.  She barked a few times but overall did really well and I was able to walk her past him quietly to put her back in our bedroom.  I still think she would have barked and maybe even have bit him if he tried to interact with her directly but he was really good about ignoring her so we were able to do some training.

I'm going to do some more trick training and practice "stay" with her later today.

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