Thursday, May 26, 2016

Delilah Has Been Registered!

So I'm taking a break from agility classes for the next 6 weeks while we financially recover from moving.   Delilah's super stoked about the new place.  It's a condo, as opposed to the tiny apartment we've been living in.  She's been sprinting around the condo, up and down the stairs, and just sitting in front of the window for hours on end watching everything going on outside.  She's so happy, and so am I!

While we're "in between" agility classes, I signed us up for a couple different things.  The first is just an hour long agility session where we focus on the teeter totter, because Delilah has only been introduced to that briefly.

The other thing, that I'm really excited about is... (drum roll)... BARN HUNT!  Yesterday I registered Delilah with the Barn Hunt Association.  Her official name is now Lil Miss Jones!  We're planning on going to a competition in New Hampshire on June 11th.  We will be entering an Instinct trial and at least one Novice trial (possibly two, depending on funds and time).  Unfortunately there's not really any opportunity for barn hunt in Vermont right now, but depending on how much we enjoy it, we might try to get a club started.  We'll see how it goes.

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