Saturday, April 30, 2016

A Week with Mia

So Delilah and I wrapped up our house sitting with Mia last week.  We had a lot of fun.  We celebrated Mia's 12th birthday as you saw in our last post with "cake" and presents, we practiced agility, and we went hiking a couple of times.  They were both soooo good during the hikes.  Mia, loyal as ever, stayed by my side the entire time.  Delilah was EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE but always came when called.  I played a game with them when we went hiking: every so often I would stop and if there was a dog sitting by my side she would get a treat.  At first Mia was the only one there but within 15 minutes or so they caught on and both dogs were consistently sitting by my side whenever I stopped.  They both behave so much better when the other's around.  I think there might be a little competition going on between them- it's so nice having an older, well behaved dog to bring Delilah out with.

We all slept in bed together every night.

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