Friday, March 11, 2016

Short Adventure to the Waterfront!

The other day it was in the 60's!  It was finally warm enough for my little southern girl to go outside.  I got out of work at 2 and we spent a couple of hours walking around town.  We went to Battery park and the Waterfront and the views were beautiful!  Delilah was excited to finally be out as well.

People watching.

You might have noticed her fancy new leash and collar.  Sam bought them for her when her old leash broke.  They're from Mutts and Mittens Handmade Collars and Leashes- they seem to be very nice quality.  They're quite soft and comfortable for me to hold and for Delilah to wear.  She actually prefers the collar to her harnesses.  And 10% of the sale was donated to an animal rescue, so that was awesome of them.  We got the smallest size- XS- which looks a little big on her but it's nice because it disperses the pressure around her neck so it's more comfortable than a thin collar.  Despite being Phish themed (Sam's a big fan), I'm really liking these.

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