Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Extra Baby Teeth Finally Fell Out!

Some of Delilah's puppy teeth didn't fall out when the adult teeth grew in, most notably her canines. She had double sets of teeth for awhile, which crowded her mouth and I think contributed to her TERRIBLE breath (note the gunk in between the two canines- that built up every day)!  Well, guess who doesn't have to floss their dog's teeth anymore or pay for surgical removal!

Double canines- the hooked one is the puppy tooth.

Anyways, training class tonight!  We've been doing our homework- she knows sit, down, touch, and her name like the back of her paw.  For mat work, we were supposed to teach them to run to their mat and automatically lie down for the rest of the homework.  She'll run to her mat, but I have to cue the down, not doing it automatically yet so I'm probably going to ask the trainer for tips.  I tried just waiting without cuing the down to see if she would offer the behavior on her own so I could capture it but she just sits and stares at me.  When she realizes that doesn't work she'll start jumping off her "mat" (a bed) and jumping back on and staring at me and the clicker.  Well, we'll get there.

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