Breed: Rabbit (Honorary dog)
Date of Birth: May 10, 2009
Weight: ~5 lbs
Personality: Sassy, mischievous, opinionated
Likes: Exercise, chewing, digging, dogs, fruit
Dislikes: Yelling, not having food, birds

My sister really wanted a pony.  She entered a contest to win a pony and when she didn't, our parents bought us a rabbit as a consolation prize.  I never expected such a small animal to have such a big personality.  This rabbit is the sassiest being I've ever met.  She loves destruction, she'll bite you if you don't share your food with her, she bosses the dogs around, she thumps at you when she's mad.  When she used to live with Mia she would torment that dog.  Mia would be lying next to Sophie's cage and when Sophie was bored she'd thump loudly, and then hop over to watch Mia jump up, tuck her tail, and run away.  Her adorable face is deceptive indeed.  I love her.

My parents got tired of Sophie eating the furniture so when I moved out of the college dorms they told me to take her with me or she'd end up at the Humane Society.  Sophie's been loving life ever since.  She gets more exercise and attention living with me and plenty of fruits and veggies.  

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